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President's Message

Steve Antonic

Steve Antonic

This is another appeal for those willing to run for the offices of President and Vice President. Time is running out before the January election. The Vice President’s duties are to schedule the speakers for the monthly and the all-day mattings. Bill Armon will help and advise the next VP to help with a better understanding of how the job is performed. The President’s job is to run the monthly meetings and to make sure any small details that come up are taken care of. This job is what you want to make it. It can be time consuming and sometimes a little aggravating, but it’s more rewarding than not. The Board Members whose terms are up this year have agreed to stay on for another term. This is a great bunch of guys that do a fantastic job making the club what it is. I have termed out as per the by-laws, but will be on the board as Past President. Hence, we need new people to run for the open positions. Please consider throwing your hat into the ring. (It’s a small ring.) Please contact Dan Rasch at 314-630-2804, or me, if you have any questions about these positions.
In other news, we are getting ready to leave for catch and release at Bennett Spring. We have 50 people going this year and the weather is looking great for the weekend. I hope you get a chance to get out before serious weather arrives. Love winter fishing.
Reminder that there is no meeting in November. The December meeting is our fly swap meeting at Queeny Park. It is Thursday, December 6, 2018.  More details about the fly swap can be found below on Page 5 of this newsletter.
You and yours have a great holiday season.
-Steve Antonic, President, Ozark Fly Fishers


General Meeting


Thursday, December 6th, 2018
Greensfelder Recreation Complex
Queeny Park
525 Weidman Road, Ballwin MO 63011
Starting at 7:00 PM

Our next meeting is the Holiday Meeting and Fly Swap. This will count as both our November and December meetings due to scheduling times around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
The highlight of this meeting is the Fly Swap and the food. Please bring a food item for the meeting. Everything from Christmas/Holiday treats to pots of chili and lasagna have been present at past holiday gatherings. The Club will provide soda and water. We will also have fly tiers, knot tiers and line riggers at tables to help and inform anyone who is interested.
How the Fly Swap Works:
Bring a dozen flies, wrapped in a box (in holiday paper?). Please wrap the box in such a way that no one can tell what type of flies are inside.

  o   You can tie or buy these flies.
  o   They can be Tarpon flys or the smallest midges you can see.
  o   Put your name in with the flies or remain anonymous, as you prefer.

You can bring as many boxes of a dozen flies as you want to. For each box of a dozen flies you bring you will receive a “ticket” to be put in a drawing.
All of the boxes will be on a table. The first ticket number drawn gets to choose any box on the table they want.
The next number drawn gets their choice of the boxes left on the table. This goes on until all of the boxes of flies have been chosen.
After all the boxes are picked, members may exchange flies if they want to. This is always a lot of fun so please participate. The more the merrier.
Happy Holidays!
P.S. Also please bring a single fly, labeled with your name and the fly’s name, for Scott Darrough to put in the raffle for our Stream Team meeting in July.

⇦ ⇦ ⇦ GET your 2018 MO fishing regulations here.

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