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Fly of the Month - Nov/Dec 2014

Casting Tip Nov/Dec  2014

by: Bill Armon CCI

Bill Arman

Thoughts for practice; winter is here, . . .


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President's Message

Bill Leslie

Bill Leslie

As I sit down to write this month’s message, my mind is on the upcoming Bennett Outing. , I know this will be a great event.  It always is. This year will be colder than most, with a forecast of low 30’s and a chance of snow. Need to go to the flyshop and upgrade my gloves to a pair of Simms with the fold over mittens. It will be a Christmas present from my wife and much appreciated. She always knows just what I need or want, somehow.

I had the opportunity to help at the MDC Adult Fly Fishing class on Tuesday, the 11th, which was a great way to prepare for the cold weather, as the temps dropped all morning long with a brisk wind, even a few flurries. There were 17 adults and 6 instructors, which sounds like a lot but it kept the instructors hopping. Learning to cast on a windy day is not ideal! It was a boost to my ego to know there were people who knew even less than I do about fly fishing and that I could actually help a few of them. Seriously, it is a lot of fun and a great way to pass along this great sport of ours. If you get a chance to help, please do with the upcoming classes.

As we move closer to the end of the year, there is still some business to conduct. We are still looking for an Outings Director. All the Outings are pretty much set for next year but we need someone to take the reins. If you can help, contact the Nominating Committee.

And finally, it is time to renew your membership. We are setting a deadline of Thursday, January 1, 2015 to mail applications if you want to be included in the directory. We would like the directory to be mailed out early to mid February, so we need your renewals. Look for the form in this newsletter or online. You should also have received an email with the application. Also, a timely renewal  will  save you $5.00

Bill Leslie



Saturday January 24, 2015

Sunset Hills Golf Course & Banquet Center
13366 West Watson Road
Sunset Hills, MO  63127

Membership Application is available online.

Rocking Chair

September Taney Outing

If you missed the September Taney outing, you missed a great one. Taney is always beautiful this time of year and fishes great; this year was one of the best. Steve Antonic won the #1 Big Fish with a 22 inch brown and John Furlong won the #2 Big Fish award for something less. 

If you were at Taney but did not stay to fish Sunday, you missed out on a picture perfect day. Blue skies and smooth as glass water.  See the picture of the “Rocking Chair”. Of course the fish were too busy enjoying the views to bother with a silly fly.

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