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President's Message

Malcolm Royce

Malcolm Royce

I just returned from Alaska where I flew to King Salmon and boarded a 206 float plane. Dan and I were taken to mid-stream float landing area, where Dave Roller took us 8 days of fishing. We caught 4 of 5 salmons, grayling, and trout. Bear and moose and eagle were everywhere.  I will be sharing the trip at the September 24th Ozark Fly Fishers Meeting.
Upon my return, I was keyed into a conversation about the by-laws. There is a plan for a smaller Board, less Board meetings, and to be well managed in order to keep our 501 (c) 3 status. The discussion is open.   Your input is welcome.
There is a great group of people, who volunteer to be on the Board of the Ozark Fly Fishers.  These people are doing a wonderful job, many of whom have very deep/traumatic issues in their lives.  I have been on this Board for 10 years and have had the pleasure of working with many caring people. Everyone who has been on the Board for the last 45 years, have cared about the Ozark Fly Fishers.  I wish to thank you for what you have done, and to the present Board, thank you for all you are doing. There will be elections this year, and what size the Board will be, is in the hands of the members.  New blood will carry the club into the future, which will be the same; “We are just a fishing club”. A great fishing club!

August General Meeting

Thursday August 27th
Queeny Park
Greensfelder Recreation Complex
550 Weidman Rd
Ballwin, MO 63011 7:00 PM

The speaker for the August 27th Ozark Flyfishers meeting at Queeny Park is Dr. Steve Herrington director of freshwater programs of the Nature Conservancy. Named Water Conservationist of the Year 2015 by the Conservation Federation of Missouri.  He will be discussing the Mill Creek project as pertains to the habitat in and around the stream.

Membership Application is available online.

Rocking Chair

September Taney Outing

Tanycomo Outing
September 17 – 20, 2015
The annual Tanycomo Outing will be held September 17th thru 20th, at Lilleys’ Landing Resort & Marina. The only scheduled event is the BBQ at the Pavilion, noon Saturday.
Normally meals evolve after fishing, we go somewhere, and others might go elsewhere.  One thing for sure is you can be fishing, when you want.
Cabin #5 – one bed left, arrival Wednesday
Cabin #6 – one bed left, arrival Wednesday
Cabin #9 – 2 bedroom cabin, arrival Thursday
Cabin #10 – 2 bedroom cabin, arrival Thursday
Cabin #11 – 2 bedroom cabin, arrival Thursday
Cabin #22 – Holds 6, room cost is divided by the # of people.
 The final cost of 2 bedrooms will be $298.00, plus the Wednesday night charge. I will contact everyone with the final cost by August 21.
If you have question about the trip or the costs, contact Malcolm Royse, at:
Doorman709@sbc global.net
Be sure to give me phone number.
“We are just a fishing club”, so let’s go fishing.

NOTE: Above as of 8/2/2015

Ozark Fly Fishers joins with eScrips, Schnucks, Orvis, Amazon.com and others to promote fly fishing and fly tying.

OFF recently subscribed to the eScrip network to help raise funds to help promote fly fishing and fly tying activities and programs.

There is neither hassle nor cost to OFF members and the funds are used to enhance member activities and services. Check it out at www.escrip.com ,

OFF Website – What’s New ! Videos &  PODCASTS !

Want some helpful advice without that feeling that you are asking another "dumb question"  . . .   Now you can get the best advice of all "FREE ADVICE." Check out the podcasts now in the "education/videos & podcasts " folder or just click VIDEOS & PODCASTS

Gabe Schario

Who is that new guy on the stream? If you have been paying any attention at the OFF meetings and outings you have noticed a new fly fisher in ourGabe with trout midst, Gabe Schario. I asked him to tell me a little about himself and fly fishing and this is what he had to say . . .

“I started at the age of eight spin casting for trout at the nearest park, Maramec Spring Park. I fished dough bait and jigs for two years catching trout every so every often. I started to lose interest, that was until I picked up the classic, A River Runs Through It at the town library (Gabe lives in Perryville, Missouri). I fantasized about buying my first fly rod as soon as the movie was over. I saved up every penny until a fly rod and reel was mine and I worked whenever I had the chance. Eventually, at the age of ten, I went fishing with it for the first time. I struggled wondering why I wasn't as good as the people I saw in the movies. As time passed, I progressed and my obsession with this wonderful sport grew making me spend almost all of my money getting into it. Since then I have been tying for two years and fishing every chance I can get.”

I am sure that you have seen Gabe tying at OFF meetings. Gabe has started a fly tying business – Ozark Hooks and Hackle. Here are just some of the flies that Gabe ties; Zebra Midges, Tube Midges, Caddis Larvae, Hare’s Ear Nymph, Prince Nymph, Copper John, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Dry Fly Beetle, Rainy Dragonfly, Parachute Adams, Matts Bug, Lowfat Minnow in a Bluegill variation, and many others.

If you would like to see a sample of Gabe’s handiwork you can have a peak by clicking HERE. I am sure that Gabe would like to hear from you, and if you would like to have him make up a few flies, he would appreciate the business.  Gabe’s new email address is:  gschario8@gmail.com 

Join us on Twitter !

If you are unsure of what Twitter is all about, please click on the attached link for more info, as explained by our club member, Jake Voss. CLICK!  You can tweet directly from the embeded app, if you are signed onto Twitter.com and it will take you to a sign-on page, if you are not signed on.  If you don't have a Twitter handle this app will take you to a sign-up page. There is no charge!

Our Ozark Fly Fishers Twitter handle is: @ozarkflyfishers