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by: Bill Armon CCI

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President's Message

Malcolm Royce

Malcolm Royce

I hope November finds many of you fishing, or planning to go fishing.  The fall is here and I have caught the heck out of leaves.  I catch them on everything.  Size and color do not matter, if the fly has a hook, I can catch the leaves. I have found the Current River down, clear, and the fish are spooky.  I still was able to catch a few, and spend time with friends.
After all the talk about what kind of club other people think we should be, I have a vision about Ozark Fly Fishers I wish to share with you all.  If your child, grandchild, spouse, or friend got a fly rod for some reason, Ozark Fly Fishers is a great place to start. We do promote fly fishing as the most sportsman-like and enjoyable way of fishing, and the method most consistent with the preservation and wise use of our game fish resources. O.F.F. is a place to start, grow, and make friends. OFF teaches at every meeting and outing. We are a great teaching club.  We are conservationists, and we practice conservation of natural resources.  We  support efforts for environmental quality and pollution control.  I am also a Trout Unlimited member, and have been starting since the 1970’s.  TU is the greatest conservation group for cold water issues that exists. OFF will teach you Stream Team, Clean Stream, and general conservation understanding, but how you use that skill and knowledge is limited by YOU. We are Stream Team 31, out of 5000, and going strong. We are conservation, the end user, and producers. OFF is a great conservation club.
OFF provides advice, education, and assistance to promote the art of fly fishing. That advice comes from speakers, and members. OFF has many Certified Casters and Master Certified Casters who are always ready to teach. OFF has 3 of the first people to receive the Bronze Tying Award, and an active fly tying community. OFF has the very best educators who demonstrate applied techniques in fly fishing, tying, casting and all related subjects.  We have tried to be many things to many people, but OFF is at its best when we are one to one, teaching and learning, sharing and caring.  I care a great deal about veterans, those recovering from various things, and youth.  I tell you that I give all my compassion and money to Trout Bust.  These people raise a lot of money and gives it to all away to all the charities I want to help. OFF should support the best charitable fundraising group, Trout Bust, not compete against it.
OFF has been a great club since 1971, and is still going strong in 2015. We have 230 dues paying members, and a vast number of people that called OFF home, at one time. I want you all to know everyone that has come thru OFF has added a little to this Great Club, and you are always welcome back.
We have the Fly Swap coming up on December 10th, the Annual Meeting and Fund Raiser on January 23rd, and the All Day Event February 20th.  We also have the FYAO February 5-7, at Montauk.  I will see you on the river waiving a stick.       
Malcolm Royse

December General Meeting

December 10th
Queeny Park
Greensfelder Recreation Complex
550 Weidman Rd
Ballwin, MO 63011 7:00 PM

Mark your calendars as the December Fly Swap will be upon us in the next few weeks.  Please bring a wrapped box of a dozen flies and your favorite snack to share.

IFFF Southern Council Bestows Honors

The IFFF has honored Steve Antonic and Bob Temper, with the Southern Council "LEGENDS" Award. This award is given to people who serve the members of the Southern Council, for a long period of time, and who have been role models for Volunteerism. These men made it their job to honor their friend, Jerry Clark, by handling the Jerry Clark Casting Games for 20 years. These are men who made things happen, and got things done. They were always there to help, and serve, a lot of food, at times.  I am proud to have nominated Bob and Steve for this award, and was blessed to see them receive the Southern Council "LEGENDS".
Please join me in honoring Bob Temper and Steve Antonic, normal men, doing great things.


In Addition:  Ozark Fly Fishers were awarded two awards at the IFFF Southern Council Fish Fair.  ie "Conclave"
The Conservation Award was given the Ozark Fly Fishers, for the work done by OFF members, in the "Mill Creek Watershed Coalition" Project. These members saw a need and did something about it. Ozark Fly Fishers is receiving the award for them. With the help of a grant from the IFFF and the Southern Council, the project is now a major work in progress. The thousands of hours spent driving to meetings, and more meetings, produced a watershed plan and a plan of action, which is now moving forward.  These are great people, whose actions bring honor to the Ozark Fly Fishers, and I am pleased to call them friends. To all of you who did something, and not just talk about it, you have done something "GREAT".
The Man of the Year award was given to Mike Swederska, for his work on the new IFFF Fly Tying Program. Mike was the first member of the Ozark Fly Fishers to receive the Bronze Award. Congratulation to Mike for the award and work on the IFFF Fly Tying Program.

Malcolm Royse
Ozark Fly Fishers

Membership Application is available online.

Rocking Chair

September Taney Outing

Tanycomo Outing
September 17 – 20, 2015

Ozark Fly Fishers joins with eScrips, Schnucks, Orvis, Amazon.com and others to promote fly fishing and fly tying.

OFF recently subscribed to the eScrip network to help raise funds to help promote fly fishing and fly tying activities and programs.

There is neither hassle nor cost to OFF members and the funds are used to enhance member activities and services. Check it out at www.escrip.com ,

OFF Website – What’s New ! Videos &  PODCASTS !

Want some helpful advice without that feeling that you are asking another "dumb question"  . . .   Now you can get the best advice of all "FREE ADVICE." Check out the podcasts now in the "education/videos & podcasts " folder or just click VIDEOS & PODCASTS

Gabe Schario

Who is that new guy on the stream? If you have been paying any attention at the OFF meetings and outings you have noticed a new fly fisher in ourGabe with trout midst, Gabe Schario. I asked him to tell me a little about himself and fly fishing and this is what he had to say . . .

“I started at the age of eight spin casting for trout at the nearest park, Maramec Spring Park. I fished dough bait and jigs for two years catching trout every so every often. I started to lose interest, that was until I picked up the classic, A River Runs Through It at the town library (Gabe lives in Perryville, Missouri). I fantasized about buying my first fly rod as soon as the movie was over. I saved up every penny until a fly rod and reel was mine and I worked whenever I had the chance. Eventually, at the age of ten, I went fishing with it for the first time. I struggled wondering why I wasn't as good as the people I saw in the movies. As time passed, I progressed and my obsession with this wonderful sport grew making me spend almost all of my money getting into it. Since then I have been tying for two years and fishing every chance I can get.”

I am sure that you have seen Gabe tying at OFF meetings. Gabe has started a fly tying business – Ozark Hooks and Hackle. Here are just some of the flies that Gabe ties; Zebra Midges, Tube Midges, Caddis Larvae, Hare’s Ear Nymph, Prince Nymph, Copper John, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Dry Fly Beetle, Rainy Dragonfly, Parachute Adams, Matts Bug, Lowfat Minnow in a Bluegill variation, and many others.

If you would like to see a sample of Gabe’s handiwork you can have a peak by clicking HERE. I am sure that Gabe would like to hear from you, and if you would like to have him make up a few flies, he would appreciate the business.  Gabe’s new email address is:  gschario8@gmail.com 

Join us on Twitter !

If you are unsure of what Twitter is all about, please click on the attached link for more info, as explained by our club member, Jake Voss. CLICK!  You can tweet directly from the embeded app, if you are signed onto Twitter.com and it will take you to a sign-on page, if you are not signed on.  If you don't have a Twitter handle this app will take you to a sign-up page. There is no charge!

Our Ozark Fly Fishers Twitter handle is: @ozarkflyfishers