Fly of the Month
September 2019

squog nymph.jpeg

The Squog Nymph

The whole Midwest has been enjoying a banner year for fishing – cooler weather and regular (often times too much) rain making for happy fish. The Driftless Area of the upper Midwest has been especially blessed this year after record flooding last year. Finding myself with a little time to kill during late summer, I made the trip to southwest Wisconsin to check out the fishing. A stop in Driftless Angler fly shop made me realize I had the wrong flies. The Squog among other flies was a very good purchase. It’s kind of a Pink Squirrel meets the Brush Hog kind of thing. It worked everywhere I threw it up there, and I will be throwing it locally soon. 


  • Hook: Your favorite barbless jig nymph hook #12 - 16

  • Bead:  Black or Nickel Black slotted bead

  • Thread:  Brown 8/0 and Pink 8/0

  • Tail:  2 strands Pearl Crystal Flash

  • Ribbing:  Small Copper Wire

  • Body:  Fox Squirrel Dubbing mixed with Olive Scud Dub (I think)

  • Collar:  UV2 Hot Pink dubbing

 Tying Steps

  1. Put bead onto hook and secure hook in vise. Start the brown thread behind bead and make a number of wraps to secure bead in place. Advance thread to the hook bend and tie in crystal flash tail. Trim to about the length of the body.

  2. Tie in copper wire and make a dubbing loop with the thread. Advance the thread to just behind the bead and tie off. Start the pink thread just behind the bead.

  3. Fill the dubbing loop and twist into a scruffy dubbing brush and wrap to just behind the bead. Tie off with pink thread and trim any excess. Rib with the copper wire, tie off, and trim excess.

  4. Brush out the dubbing to make it really spikey.

  5. Dub a fine collar of the pink UV2 dubbing and whip finish thread.

I fished the larger fly deep as my point fly on a Euro rig, and the smaller size I fished as the dropper under a large attractor or hopper. You could try other colors of hot collar and other colors of dubbing, but I’m not messing with a good thing.  I had to guess at the dubbing – He gets those from a fisherman from Chicago and he’s not telling what’s in there. Please remember…  If you are going to tap a local source for information, please make sure to buy something. Local knowledge and local flies are priceless, so make sure the independent guys feel the love.

 -Mike Ott, Ozark Fly Fishers Fly Tying Chairman