The Club

To maintain vitality and interest in Ozark Fly Fishers, Inc. and the sport, each year the club regularly has the following activities.


General Information

TIMELY renewal
(January 1st or BEFORE)
NEW member or LATE renewal
(January 2nd or AFTER)
Individual - $25.00 Individual - $30.00
Senior (65+) - $15.00 Senior (65+) - $20.00
Family - $30.00 Family - $35.00
Commercial - $50.00 commercial - $50.00
Corporate - $250.00 Corporate - $250.00

New members joining in October or later will automatically be renewed for the following year.



Down load the APPLICATION FORM and mail the completed form along with your check to:

Ozark Fly Fishers Inc,
P.O. Box 4410181
Saint Louis, Missouri 63144-4181

Or, contact Mike Ott for more information.


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