The Club

To maintain vitality and interest in Ozark Fly Fishers, Inc. and the sport, each year the club regularly has the following activities.

  • 1. Monthly meetings featuring topics related to fly fishing, fly tying, fly casting and other subjects to improve proficiency in the art of fly fishing.
  • 2. Summer, Spring and Fall outings where fly fishing is the focus of conversation, activities and fellowship.
  • 3. Casting clinics to improve the proficiency of the beginner, intermediate, and expert alike, and periodic casting tournaments.
  • 4. Ozark sponsors at least two (2) fly fishing classes annually. These classes are held at the St. Louis County Park facilities. Subjects taught include fly tying, fly casting, and related topics.
  • 5. Advanced fly tying clinics where techniques, new patterns, and specialized tools and gimmicks are demonstrated.
  • 6. Youth fly tying class for children of members.
  • 7. Participation in Federation of Fly Fisher Conclaves where programs on fly fishing are presented and national experts are featured. They are the National Conclave, Southern Region Conclave, and the Great Lakes Region Conclave.
  • 8. Sponsor an all day program presenting a nationally recognized fly fisher.
  • 9. Annual dinner meeting with prizes and a guest speaker.
  • 10. A monthly newsletter relating club activities, conservation notes, monthly fly patterns, hints and helps.
  • 11. Lending Library -- DVD's
  • 12. Web site with current club information

General Information

TIMELY renewal
(January 25th or BEFORE)
NEW member or LATE renewal
(January 25th or AFTER)
Individual - $25.00 Individual - $30.00
Family - $35.00 Family - $40.00
Commercial - $50.00 Commercial - $50.00
Corporate - $250.00 Corporate - $250.00

New members joining in October or later will automatically be renewed for the following year.



Down load the APPLICATION FORM and mail the completed form along with your check to:

Ozark Fly Fishers Inc,
P.O. Box 31473
Saint Louis, Missouri 63131

Or, contact Al Bourisaw for more information.