Turkey Tail Emerger

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Fly Pattern was to be first tied by club member, Doug Christian


Size 18 - 22 dry fly
Tan Danville 6/0
3 - 4 wood duck dyed mallard fiber tips.
3 - 4 turkey tail fibers.  Wind counter clockwise then rib with the tying thread.
3 turns of premium domestic hen hackle rusty tan in color.  A fadded furnace color is OK.  Size the hackle carefully to the size of the hook.


Variation of this pattern would be to tie it in olive.

Fishing Techniques

This fly is especially effective when fish are suspended below the surface film, usually in slower water.  Fish the fly straight down and across.  Start with slow twitches as it flows down with the current.  A pause between twitches can be effective. Try short fast twitches or let the fly dead drift.  The strike usually comes as the fly starts to swing and is surprisingly hard.  A slip set is usually required to keep from breaking the tippet.