Ty's Tantilizer


This fly is a diver pattern and was designed by Tim England, a well-known bass-bug tier from Colorado. I found it in an article by Chris Helm in the Spring 2003 Flyfishing and Tying Journal. This may be a good fly in Colorado, but I found it to be an excellent fly in Missouri!

The magic in this fly is in its' shape. If tied properly, it will not flip upside down even when waterlogged. Also, the grooves on the top of this fly cause a stream of tiny bubbles behind when retrieved correctly. - Skip Smith


Mustad 3366 sizes 1/0,2/0, or Gamakatsu B10S sizes 2/0 or 1/0
Tail - Gudebrod 6/0 Orange for hair. GSP - Grey or White 10/0
Dyed coarse whtietail deer body hair (Orange, Florescent, Yellow and Olive
Three marabou blood quills (one Florescent Orange, two Floresecnt Yellow. White rubber legs, root beer crystal flash, flanked by Yellow wide saddle hackles, large Cactus Chenille to cover tie-down of tail materials
Solid plastic 3mm doll eyes (stems removed)
Gudebrod 6/0 Olive thread

Tying Instructions

This pattern can be tied using the traditional method of spinning deer hair or using the Wapsi method of spinning deer hair


Other color patterns that I work well is a bullfrog (Green and Yellow) and shad (all White with some red crystal flash).

Fishing techniques

Fish this like most popping bugs - let it sit on the water before giving any motion and then pull the popper causing it to dive under the water. Experiment with various presentations until you find the most effective.