Sunken Stone

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The Sunken Stone is used on western streams during the salmon fly (Pteronarcys Californica) hatch in June and early July. The adult is approximately three inches long and the hatch can be an amazing sight Yellow dubbing is used for the Golden stone hatches in these western streams. The black poly yarn tail imitates the egg sac of the female stonefly. Trout feed on these eggs when the females deposit them in the water. Fly tied by: Bill Todd March 26, 2009.


Hook:TMC 5263 Size 4,6 & 8
Thread:Orange 3/0
Egg Sack:Black Poly Yarn
Wing:Deer Hair
Body:Bright Orange Dubbing - rabbit, scintilla, etc.

Fishing Techniques

This fly is designed to float in the film just below the surface of the water. The deer hair wing keeps the heavy hook suspended there. Basically, it is a series of elk hair caddis flies tied on the same hook shank.