Reverse Wing Dry Fly

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This fly was provided by Ozark Fly Fishers member Mike Swederska. This is one of Mike's favorite patterns and is excellent in the small sizes.


Hook: Size 22 - lXL to a 28 - 1XL Wing
Thread: 8/0, the color of the body
Body: Dry fly dubbing color of mayfly
Wing: Any Saddle hackle color
Tail: Same as the wing
Hackle: Any good dry fly, Color to match the pattern and the hook size

Tying Instructions

  1. Lay a very good base of thread down on the shank where you wing will go.
  2. In picking a hackle for the wings, I look for one with long barbs and a fine quill. I cut it in halve and then turn the shiny sides in so the feather flairs away from it self.
  3. Pair the wings up and lay them on your side of the hook. Gently make two very loose wraps around the feather and hook shank grabbing all the barbs. Gently cinch down to the hook. The feathers should be lying on top of the shank pointing forward. Don't worry about the length of the wings just as long as they are longer than you want.
  4. Now gently pull the feather towards the back of the hook making the feather flare out just a bit. You may need to pick up your bobbin to loosen the tension a bit, but don't lose the feather placement on the shank. Don't do this step very hard, just a little to give the wing some body. Be sure when you're done that the wings are still on tip of the hook shank and are laying flat to each other. They could be opened a little on top that would be the back after standing up. Cinch down with a couple of wraps.
  5. All the barbs from the wings should be pointing back and over the end. This will form the tail. Simply pick up the quills and cut them back at the wrap holding the wing. Don't cut the long barbs on the tail, cut them back to the wing wraps. Do this until you get the size tail you want.
  6. Now go ahead and wrap the wing to make it stand up. Before you split it like an Adams, hold both wings together and cut for length. Then pull all the barbs out that are left standing. If you miss some they usually blend in with the hackle.
  7. Taper the body with thread and hackle the legs like an Adams pattern and whip finish.


I tie this fly with all Grizzly and green thread. I tie it just like a dry Adams with the exception that the wing is in upside down, that is, the barbs are down.

Fishing Techniques

Fish like any dry fly.