Krystal Flash Scud

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The Krystal Flash Scud is a pattern that has been provided by Ozark Fly Fishers member Earl Schenberg.


Hook:TMC 2457 - Size 14 to 18
Thread:8/0 Brown or black Uni-thread
Body:Tan Hairline Ice Dubbing or SLF.  Gray or olive may also be used.
Bead:Gold or black - Size 1/8 or 5/64.
Shellback:Grey or clear scud back - 1/8th inch.
Ribs:Ultra wire - Wine color. Other colors can be used depending upon the body dubbing.

Tying Instructions

  1. Flatten the barb and place the bead on the hook.
  2. Secure the bead with thread or .015 lead wire - depending upon how much weight is needed.
  3. Continue the thread to the rear of the hook.  Tie in the wire and scud back and wrap the thread about half way to the barf.
  4. Add dubbing to the thread and wrap a tapered body to the bead.
  5. Bring the shellback over the top and secure.  Make sure the shellback is centered on top of the hook.
  6. Counter wrap the wire ribbing to the bead and tie down.  Clip the wire and shellback.  Whip finish and cement the head.
  7. Rake out the dubbing underbelly to form the legs and trim at an angle from front to rear of the hook.

Fishing techniques

This fly can be fished alone or as a dropper under another weighted fly such as a jig head glo ball.  It can also be fished as a dropper off a dry fly. All methods are very effective.