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Green Caddis Larva

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Another great Green Caddis Larva imitation that was found in a copy of the Fly Tier. The pattern can be very effective in the Current River and in Montauk State Park when the caddis are hatching.


Scud size 16 or 18
Black 6/0
Any good green caddis dubbing - add some green ice dubbing
Small or X-small black wire
Thin Skin - Speckled green
Black squirrel dubbing with the guard hairs included
Black marker

Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook and lay a thread base from the eye to a point down the bend of the hook.
  2. Cut a piece of thin skin about 1/8" wide and tie it in at the bend.
  3. Tie in the small black wire ribbing.
  4. Starting at the bend, dub a body 2/3 of the way down the shank. About 1/3 of the shank behind the eye should be without dubbing.
  5. Bring the thin skin forward and mark the thorax area on the underside with the black permanent marker. Mark only the area of the thin skin that will cover the thorax.
  6. Tie off the thin skin over the body area only.
  7. Bring the wire ribbing forward and tie it off just in front of the body and under the thin skin (in the thorax area).
  8. Dub the thorax area with the black squirrel making sure the guard hair stand out to imitate legs.
  9. Bring the remaining thin skin (colored black) over the thorax.
  10. Form a head and tie off. Cement, if so desired.



This caddis larva imitation can also be tie in a tan, brown or amber. Identify the color of the cadds larvae in the stream you are going to fish and imitate accordingly

Fishing Techniques

The fly can be fished deep as the point fly on a shot and indicator rig or as the lone fly on a shot and indicator rig.  The fly should be fished deep.