Flash Clouser

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This fly was another of the favorites of long time and deceased Ozark Fly Fishing member Doug Christian. Doug was a very innovative tier and developed some excellent patterns.


Hook:Mustad 34007 size 2-10 Clouser
Eye:Medium lead dumbell eye painted black on light yellow acrylic
Under Wing:Pearl sparkle flash
Mid Wing:Gunmetal sparkle flash
Upper Wing:Rainbow pearl sparkle flash
Thread:White waxed floss

Tying Instructions


Doug did not provide tying instructions for this fly, but he did make the following comment:

"This is a saltwater pattern that I have found to be very effective  It also works on white bass.  Sparkle flash is a reinforced flashabou that comes in a variety of colors.  I have also used aqua rainbow over pearl, chartreuse over yellow pearl, and blue pearl over pearl.  I have used a similar material called polar flash which has a bit finer fibers.  Experiment!  The weight may be adjusted with different weighted dumbbell eyes or in shallow water with bead chains.
This is a very simple clouser variation that I find to be more durable than flashabou and krystal flash, especially with toothy fish.  Fish it with short 12 to 18 inch strips.