I first tied this fly in 2004 to use at an outing of the Ozark Fly Fishers at Bennett Springs.  I was hoping to tie a suggestive pattern that looked a little like a scud, a midge or a caddis larva.  I fished the pattern on the Sunday morning of the outing with very little success until the sun came out.  I then went through three of the flies catching a lot of fish.  Since my wife doesn't object to my fishing (a lot of fishing), I named the fly after her - Evelyn.

Al Bourisaw


Hook: #060 Size #18Evie
Thread:Green 14/0
Bead:Copper 5/64 tungsten
Body:Sparkleflash Maxibraid (tiewell ) Olive Pearl
Gills:White Antron

Tying Instructions

  1. Slide the bead on the hook with the drilled out side towards the eye.
  2. Start the thread behind the eye and in front of the bead.  Tie in five or six strands of white antron yarn so that one-half inch of antron is on each side of the hook.  Tie off and cut the thread.
  3. Slide the bead over the antron yarn. Start the thread behind the bead and secure the bead in place.
  4. The sparkleflash braid comes in a strand that has four strands wound to make one. Separate the strands and use one or two strands to form the body.
  5. Tie on the strand(s) and wrap it/them to a point half way down the hook bend.  Wrap the thread back to behind the bead.
  6. Wrap the sparkleflash forward to a point behind the bead. Tie off the sparkleflash and whip finish. A small drop of cement on the thread will help secure the fly.


There are a number of different shades of the sparkleflash braid that can be used to make variations of this fly.  Try Lime Green Pearl, Peacock, and Tan Pearl, among others.

Fishing Techniques

The fly can be fished deep as the point fly on a shot and indicator rig or as the lone fly on a shot and indicator rig.  The fly should be fished deep.