Chamois Fly

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This fly is basically what is known as a "gut fly" or "meat fly".  It is tied to imitate the remains of a trout that has been cleaned and the remains thrown in the stream.  It is one of those questionable flies that the purist would frown upon.  There is, however, no question that the fly will catch fish - especially between the hours of 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon.  These are the hours that most fishermen will be found cleaning their catch.  The fly originated in the fly shop of Bob Gaston on U.S. 64 just outside of Bennett Springs State Park.  Bob is known for his innovative flies with the Bed Spread being one of his most used creations.


Tiemco 101 Size 12
Cream 8/0
English Chamois (Imported from England by Bob Gaston, Gaston Fly Shop, Bennet Springs
Red yarn


Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook and lay a base of thread up-and-down the hook: [If lead is to be used, lay base of lead on the hook before laying the thread base.
  2. Tie in the red yarn and wrap it forward.
  3. Cut a strip of chamois about 1/4 inches wide.
  4. Mount the chamois on the back of the hook securing it with several wraps.
  5. Bring the thread over the top of the hook shank to conceal it under the chamois.
  6. Make several wraps behind the eye
  7. Bring the strip of chamois forward and tie it off behind the eye of the hook.
  8. Whip finish and cement the head.
  9. Cut the strip so that there is about ¼ inch of chamois in front of the eye and behind the bend.
  10. Cut two slits in the chamois hanging in front of the eye and behind the bend.


Fishing Techniques

Fish the chamois under and indicator.  It works well as the point fly on a two fly rig.  The Chamois Fly can be fished at any depth and is most effective if fished at fish with "gut" in their mouth.  It is an especially good fly in the parks.