Mohair Soft Hackle

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This is a typical Soft Hackle fly that combines the buggy look of Mohair and the flutter of a soft hackle pattern. It is fished quartered down stream and allowed to swing in the current. You can recast or skip it back under the surface. This fly can be fished much like the Crackleback by stripping it back across the surface or pulled under and stripped back with short random retrieves. Another effective way is to weight the fly line and strip it back deep. Any way you fish it is effective. The only way it will not work is if you don�t fish it. Give this attractive fly a try and it just may take a place in your top ten. Good luck and good fishing.


10-12 or any nymph 2X long
6/0 Black or Olive
Soft Hackle:
Green Mohair


Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook
  2. Start thread and lay a base the length of the shank.
  3. Tie in the mohair and palmer to eye, staying two eye lengths back. As you wrap the mohair tease out the yarn to make the body buggy.
  4. Tie in the partridge make two or three wraps, tie off a neat head.
  5. Whip finish and cement.


The fly can be tied in Brown,Tan, or Black. All colors will work. You make the choice.