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I first saw the Frog pattern at the Winter FYAO Outing of the Ozark Fly Fishers. Earl Swederska had the frog and was throwing it into the sauna to demonstrate how it always righted itself to a natural position. Earl told me he had gotten the pattern from the Cabela's store in Hazelwood. Efforts to buy the frog were fruitless, so I decided to tie the pattern myself. And as they say, "the rest is history."...Al Bourisaw


Hook:Mustad 1/0 3366
Thread:3/0 White Mono
Body:Green Fun Foam 3mm (Found at Hobby Lobby)
Underbody:White Fun Foam 2mm (Found at Hobby Lobby)
Weed Guard:12 to 20 pound mono
Eyes Socks:Rainy's Round Float Foam
Eyes: Stick on eyes
Legs:Medium round rubber legs in white and green
Adhesive:Super Glue

Tying Instructions

  1. Prepare materials prior to starting the tying process.
    • Underbody - Cut a strip of white 2 mm Fun Foam about 1/4" in width.
    • Body : Cut the 3mm green Fun Foam in the shape of a kite. The kite should be 1-1/2" in length and 1" in width. [Fun Foam in 2mm size may also be used.]
    • Legs : Split the sleeve of round rubber legs into strip that have three individual round rubber legs in each strip (be careful not to split the three). Cut these three connected rubber legs into strips of about 2" long.
  2. Mount the hook in the vise and start the thread directly above the barb. Wrap the thread down the bend to a point halfway down the bend. Wind the thread back to a point above the barb.
  3. Cut a piece of weed guard about 3-4 inches in length. Attach the weed guard to the hook starting at a point above the barb and winding down the bend to a point halfway down the bend. Wind the thread back to the point above the barb.
  4. Attach the body (kite) to the top of the hook. The tip of the kite should be even with the front of the hook eye. Attach the body by winding the thread at a point above the gap.
  5. Turn the vise over (if a rotating vise - turn the hook upside down if not using a rotating vise) and attach the underbody. Cut an arrow on one end of the underbody. Tie the underbody onto the hook above the barb at the base of the arrow. Stick the underbody threw the point of the hook to keep it out of the way.
  6. Rotate the vise so that the body is once again on top. Pull back the body and underbody and wrap the thread on the shank toward the eye of the hook for a distance of just over half the shank.
  7. Place a green rubber leg strip on top of a white rubber leg strip and tie them along the shank on the far side of the hook. Tie the legs back to the body. Repeat this step only tying the legs to the near side of the hook shank.
  8. Bring the thread forward towards the eye to a point about two eye lengths behind the eye. Again rotate the hook belly up. Cut a short 1 to 1-1/4" piece of eye socket material and figure-eight it to the hook shank.
  9. Rotate the hook once again so that the body is again on top. Again, using two strips of round leg material (green on top) tie in the material behind the eye socket material. Even portions of leg material should be on both sides of the hook. Return the thread to the eye from the rear of the hook shank.
  10. Bring the underbody forward. Tie it off -- from the rear of the hook shank. Lift the underbody and wrap the thread to a point just behind the front legs. Pull the underbody forward and tie it off at this point with a couple of wraps of thread. Again, lift the underbody and bring the thread forward to a point in front of the eye socket - behind the hook eye. Bring the underbody forward and tie it off. Trim the excess underbody.
  11. Apply super glue along the top of the shank from the base of the body to behind the hook eye. Be sure to put a dab of super glue on the top of each of the eye sockets. Bring the body forward super gluing it to the top of the shank and eye sockets. Tie off the tip of the kite (body) behind the hook eye.
  12. Bring the weed guard forward and tie it off behind the eye. [I like to bring the weed guard through the eye from the underside of the hook. With finger and thumb, press this section (bottom) of weed guard flat against the body and make a couple of wraps of thread to hold it in place. Again, with the thumb and finger, press the section of weed guard on the top side flat against the body and secure with thread. Cut off the weed guard tag and form a nice head.]
  13. With the 3/0 mono thread, tie a knot around each of the four rubber legs. With a bobkin, separate the rubber legs into individual sections.
  14. Super glue the head of the fly, the thread holding the weed guard in place at the rear of the fly, and on each knot on the legs (Use a tooth pick with super glue on it to apply the glue to the knot on each leg.)

Fishing Techniques

Fish the frog in and near lily pads and weed beds. The action should be similar to the real thing. Use your imagination when fishing the pattern.


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