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Brillard's Chronomid Pupae

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This pattern is Brillard's Chronomid Pupae as tied by Fly Tying Chair, Earl Schenberg. This pattern appears in the September, 2010 issue of the Ozark Fly Fishers newsletter


Thread:Black 8/0 or Ultra 70
Bead:Tungsten black size 5/64
Body Dubbing:Ice Dubbing - Holo olive green or peacock (Use any olive reflective material)
Gills:White Antron Yarn, trimmed
Ribbing:None necessary

Tying Instructions

  1. Put bead on hook with large side forward.
  2. Tie in Antron, cut thread and push bead up over Antron to form gills.
  3. Restart thread behind bead and lay base on hook to bend.
  4. Create a dubbing loop, wind thread to bead. Add sparse amount of ice dub and twist into a very tight noodle. Wind dubbing loop to bead.
  5. Tie off, whip finish and cement.
  6. Trim body to smooth profile. Trim gills to appropriate length.
  7. That's it. You're done. Very easy.


Just like any nymph, This Fly can be fished near the bottom as a second fly, mid in the column or in the film if tied without a bead. Any way you fish is the best. This fly is simple to tie, simple to fish and will attract hungry trout.


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