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Bed Spread

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This mini Jig was invented by Bob Gaston, owner of Gaston's tackle shop at Bennett springs. Mr. Gaston says he tied the original fly from an old cream colored bedspread that had un-raveled and his mother-in-law was throwing out, thus the name. It is tied on a 1/80 or 1/100 oz mini jig painted the same color as the body material. Since its inception, it has undergone many permutations. Some are actually tied with a small tail by extending the body material about an 1/8 beyond the hook bend and then combing it out after winding the rest of the yarn, like wrapping a chenille body. Many different types of material are used to create this fly or mini-jig as it is, today. Cream colored chenille is the most popular as it is the same color and approximate texture. Many other colors are acceptable - green, chartreuse, white, red, pink as well as mixed colors.

Fish it by itself as you would any mini or thread jig or as the top fly over any combination the make you happy. At times it can be a real killer at Bennett as well as other trout water. Some say it represents fish guts but I've caught many fish with this fly in the winter season, when no guts are present. I have seen one of our members use it consistently as his one fly and it caught fish all day.

Mr. Gaston, owner of the Tackle shop that bears name at Bennett Springs, told me he has sold thousands of them over the years. I have heard rumors that he is closing his shop. But I believe the material is available in and around the Bennett Springs area. I am considering cutting open an old soft ball just to see of the windings inside compare favorably.


Hook: 1/64 or 1/100 oz mini jig
Body: Presently made from the windings of a softball that has been unraveled ans separated into soft cotton inner strand and the yarn wrapping that holdss it together
Body: The trim from a bed spread in a flesh color

Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the jig hook and tie the thread on behind the eye and wrap down the shank to just about the point.
  2. Lay a strip of body material on top of the hook shank and bring the thread over the material to behind the jig. This will form a tail.
  3. Tie on the body material behind the jig and wrap the thread over the material to the rear of the fly
  4. Bring the thread forward in long spiral wraps to a point behind the jig head.
  5. Wrap the body material forward and tie off behind the jig head.
  6. Whip finish and seal the thread with head cement.

Fishing Techniques

The Bed Spread can be fished under an indicator or swung in the current without an indicator. It can be used as the top fly in a two fly rig.


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