Stream Team 31

Stream Team 31 - - Call Before You Go

Occasionally weather or stream conditions make it necessary to cancel an Water QQuality Monitoring activity. To save yourself a drive, contact the WQM Stream Chair of the stream to be monitored.


Stream Team Equipment

We all know that funds are really tight for everyone, and the Stream Team Program is facing the same budget cuts as everyone else. First, and foremost, we hope you do get involved and use the equipment you trained to use. But if that is not going to happen, we are collecting the equipment to turn it back over to the state to be re-issued. Did you know that the net used to collect bugs cost the state $50.00? These things are sitting in garages and really need to be in the streams. Please do not think we are being judgmental or harsh, things change. Thank you for your support in this most important effort we are making.


Water Quality Monitoring

Blue Springs Schedule

The Spring WQM of Blue Springs has been set for May 1st. Meet at the Hen House at 11:00 AM for lunch or at the far parking lot off Highway N at 12:00 Noon. The date for the Fall WQM of Blue Springs Creek has yet to be set. Monitor this site for the date.


Current River Schedule


Mill Creek Schedule


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