Casting Tip October 2018

by: Bill Armon CCI

Jeff Trigg Presentation

Jeff Trigg, our September speaker, gave us a lot of good information on fly lines; I want to recap the main ideas. A fly line has a tip, front taper, belly, rear taper, and then usually a running line. The line “head” refers to everything before the running line. In general, longer front tapers for delicate presentations; shorter front tapers for larger flies (due to more powerful turnover). Longer rear taper for increased accuracy (once belly of fly line is out of tip top). Running line is for shooting.
Once the head of the line is out of the tip of the rod, the caster cannot carry more line while false casting. Therefore, longer bellies/heads cast easier and more accurately at longer distances. Shorter bellies/heads are better for shooting.
Next month back to which of the five casting essentials is most important? FFI Five Essentials / Principles (for casting):
1)     There is a pause at the end of each stroke, which varies in duration with the amount of line beyond the rod tip.
2)     Slack line should be kept to a minimum.
3)     The rod tip must follow a straight-line path.


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